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Fresh Finds of the Week

Lavender Sea Salt Bar

Lavender Sea Salt Soap Bar


Bread Sifted 1kg

Organic Bread Wheat Flour – Sifted 1kg

Original price was: $6.50.Current price is: $6.00.

All Purpose 1kg

Organic All Purpose & Pastry Flour

Original price was: $6.50.Current price is: $6.00.

Why We're Different:

Holistic Sustainability

It's not about the trendy. It's about the timeless. Our approach isn't about short-term fixes or hollow gestures. We believe in a deep-rooted commitment to the local businesses and the products produced from them, ensuring that the products we share are of the highest quality.

Client First Philosophy

In a world of commercial hustle, we place our clients at the forefront. With our financial model, not only do you share in the profits, you can become an owner in the company because when you flourish, the ripple effect is a bounty of fresh, clean, and wholesome products for you and everyone that works and sells with us.

Direct Connections

Every product has a story, a lineage, a heartbeat. Connect with those who create their products to bring you the purest healthiest and most sustainable products on the market. No middlemen, just genuine connections.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Streamlined Distribution Channels

Access a streamlined distribution channels that expand your products’ reach, allowing you to focus on crafting exceptional goods.


Experience the Freshness of Local Products

Enjoy farm-to-table and local good with the freshness that you only get from buying local, with our seamless shopping platform, offering convenient access to sustainable and local food options.

Farms & Ranches

Grow Sustainably, Profit Wisely

Access our comprehensive suite of marketing and ecommerce solutions to enhance your farm’s productivity and sustainability, ensuring long-term success.

Farmers Markets

Enable Year Round Shopping

Turn every day into market day and foster connections and commerce 365 days of the year.

Retail Locations

Become the Heart of Your Community

Support community-centric products, spotlight local producers and sustainable practices.

Food Hubs

Optimize Your Operations

Leverage integrated solutions for delivery, subscriptions and operational cost savings, elevating your partners produce.

100% Local Products

We offer a great variety of carefully selected local products. Giving you all the taste and nutrition and  benefits of fresh, delicious, local products straight from the locals you know and love.

Direct Connection

Through our platform, consumers can connect with the farmers, understanding the journey of their food, from seed to table. It's food with authenticity you can trust.

Convenience with a Conscience

Get the freshest local produce, all while championing sustainable, local farming. It's convenience without compromising on values or quality.

Unrivaled Freshness

Direct from the farm means less transport and storage time. It's as if you've plucked it from the farm yourself with unbeatable flavor and nutritional value.

Let's Stay Connected

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