Join Modern Farmgate:

Year-Round Revenue for Your Farmers Market

A cutting-edge e-commerce solution that brings your market to the fingertips of customers year-round, ensuring your vendors’ produce and products are just a click away, anytime, anywhere.

Connect directly with your community of local shoppers.

By providing an online marketplace you not only allow the farms and vendors that work with you to sell year round but you continue to foster the community even when physically showing up at the market may not be feasible. 

Why Take Your Market Online?

Reach Beyond the Booth

Break the physical barriers of time and location. Our platform allows customers who can't visit in person to still support their local favorites, ensuring your market's and vendors' growth.

Secure Year-Round Income

Just as you collect booth fees, our flexible pricing models (flat rate, percentage of sales, or a combination) mean your market enjoys a continuous revenue stream, regardless of the season.

Your Market, Amplified

A co-branded online marketplace not only elevates your market's digital footprint but strengthens the bond within your community, keeping the market's spirit alive online.

Vendor Success

Equip your vendors with the tools for stability and expansion. Our platform is designed for easy management and sales tracking, offering a solid foundation for their business growth.

Future-Proof Your Market

Embrace the shift to digital with a solution that's built for the long haul. Join us in leading the evolution of farmers markets, ensuring sustainability and success in the digital age.

How It Works

Sign-Up & Set-Up

Getting started is easy. We'll guide you through setting up your market's online presence. Tailor the platform to reflect your market's unique brand and community ethos.

Vendor Onboarding & Operations

We assist in bringing your vendors online, ensuring a smooth transition with training and support. From inventory management to sales analytics, our platform offers all the tools needed for day-to-day management and growth.

Ongoing Support

Our dedicated team is always on hand to ensure your market thrives online, just as it does offline. Plus, if you or your vendors need additional marketing support you can trust our team to deliver.

Your Farmers Market:

Online, On-brand, On Your Terms

Imagine your market bustling with activity, rain or shine, day or night. It's possible. Schedule a demo and see firsthand how our platform can bring this vision to life. Your market, our technology — together, we can create something extraordinary.

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